How do I add or edit a Goal?

Two ways to add a goal

  • 1. Use the “New Goal” button in the top right corner.
    New Goal button

    If using this button, make sure you specify which Strategic Objective under which you would like your goal to appear.

    Choose strategic objective

    Or, use the big blue button right next to the Strategic Objective under which you would like it to appear.

    Plus button in the top-right
  • 2. Edit a goal:

    Click on any of the text of a goal to edit it.

    Goal title (click to edit)

    Or, use the edit button found to the right of every goal.

    Edit goal button

How do I add or edit an Action Plan?

Add an Action plan:

Click on the blue plus button of a goal too add an action plan.

Add goal or action plan button

Edit an action plan

Click on any of the text of an action plan to edit it.

Action Plan title (click to edit)

Or, use the edit button found to the right of every Action plan.

Edit action plan button

What are updates and how do I use them?

Updates are used to notify others of your progress on Goals and Action Plans. To create an update, click the "Add Update" button next to the Goal or Action Plan you have made progress toward completing. Important note: You must be the author or owner of a Goal to add an update.

Add a goal or action plan update

You will then see all previous updates (if any). Add a new update by clicking the "New Update" button. You may edit your previous updates by clicking directly on the text.

Edit action plan updates

You may then describe the progress you have made.

If updating a Goal, the progress can be automatically tabulated by selecting Auto Update. This works by averaging the Action Plan percentages supporting the Goal.

Edit goal update (text)

You may also manually choose the percentage of completion by selecting "Manual Update." After selecting this you will see a percentage selection drop-down menu. This will be visible by default on Action Plans.

Edit goal update (percent complete)
Add action plan update (percent complete)

When and how to use Goal and Action Plans advanced editing features.

When adding a Goal or Action Plan, you may find yourself wanting to emphasize something or add bullet points.
In order to do this, check the box next to "Enable advanced formatting options for this item."

Enable advanced formatting options for this item

Doing this will enable new editing features.

Screenshot of advanced formatting textbox for action plan description

I can’t get in! How do I change my password?

There are two ways to change your password.
Navigate to the top right corner of and select “Forgot Password?”

Forgot password link

Type your email address in the field and submit. An email will be sent to you with instructions to change your password.

Forgot password dialog

If your username is not an email address, contact the Level 1 Administrator (the person on the top of the Org Chart or their assistant) for help changing your password.

How do I create a new user? (Admin)

Only level 1 admins can add a new user.
Navigate to the Org chart page.

Org Chart navigation icon

Navigate to the user to whom the new user will report. Hover over their user name and select "Add User"

Org Chart user context menu

Enter the user's information, using their email address as their login name.

Add user dialog

This will ensure that they may change their password without the Level 1 Admin's assistance. Select "Add" to finish the process.

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