I can’t get in! How do I change my password?

There are two ways to change your password.
Navigate to the top right corner of new.focusandexecute.com and select “Forgot Password?”

Forgot password link

Type your email address in the field and submit. An email will be sent to you with instructions to change your password.

Forgot password dialog

If your username is not an email address, contact the Level 1 Administrator (the person on the top of the Org Chart or their assistant) for help changing your password.

How do I create a new user? (Admin)

Only level 1 admins can add a new user.
Navigate to the Org chart page.

Org Chart navigation icon

Navigate to the user to whom the new user will report. Hover over their user name and select "Add User"

Org Chart user context menu

Enter the user's information, using their email address as their login name.

Add user dialog

This will ensure that they may change their password without the Level 1 Admin's assistance. Select "Add" to finish the process.

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